Friday, 1 August 2014

Bubble Trouble (with gold accents)

I have amazing news, it has nothing to do with nails but... I now have a full time job for the summer! I've just been really tired everyday and I haven't really had time to care for my hands (sorry hands...). So I'm basically just doing quick, easy manicures that will last me through each week. Now, I don'y now if you can tell, but I took these picture on my way to work (I walk to work everyday); but I must admit, they turned out pretty great! The sun actually provides the perfect lighting! I'm also very glad I finally got to try out this new polish, it is L'oreal's Bubble Trouble and I've had it since last year, but I never got the chance to try it out (and my friend 'borrowed' it for quite a while as well). I absolutely LOVE it! It's such a cute colour and I have no idea why, but it sort of creates a natural gradient on you put it on your nails. I'm really looking forward to using this polish a lot more in the future.

I don't think this manicure needs a lot of explanation, I's really simple, but here are some tips and trick on how to make your manicure last a week (like these did...without chipping):

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

I'm Feeling Rosey

Oh hello, hello! I I know that I haven't updated in a very long time, and I apologize! On the plus side though, I finally graduated from high school; four extremely tiring years are finally over! No more late nights and long weeks doing arts projects and living off coffee or less than an hour a sleep for me! I am so ready for two months of relaxation and spending some quality time with my friends before we all part ways for university. Although I know that I'll miss people dearly, I am more than ready to pack my things up and move away. Speaking of packing up, I still have no idea of how I'm going to move all of my nail polishes and nail art supplies to my dorm!....But I'll climb over that mountain when I get to it.
Now, I know I haven't been updating this blog (or my Instagram...sorry), but I have not stopped doing my nails. In fact, I have a plethora of pictures stored, that I just haven't posted yet, though there were a few designs that I neglected to document. These are the nails that I have on right now. They feature one of my most favourite flowers- roses! These are actually quite different from the rose designs I usually do, because they are a lot more detailed. The techniques however, are quite similar, but instead of using just one colour for the roses, I used four. I am in love with this design, it's so much more detailed and the roses just seem to pop out, especially against the nude background! And I don't know if it's just me being weird but, sometimes, when I finish a design, I have this one part or one rose in this instance that I adore so much more than the rest. Is that weird? 
Anyhow, I've ranted enough (for now), so... Onto my tips and tricks:

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Prom Nails: Diagonal French Design

Hello all! My eventful week whizzed by like a breeze! I did these simple yet very elegant nails for prom, and I am absolutely in love with them! I've always been a fan of diagonal designs, but this was my first time doing a french inspired diagonal  manicure; plus, I think that the rhinestones really pull it together and they add extra dazzle!
(I haven't a clue of what I'll do for my next set of prom nails yet...)

Here are some tips on creating your very own diagonal french nails for prom (or any occasion):

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Update & Birthday Goodies

Greetings! I know I haven't updated in a while, but I've been on a break from nail polish! I've been nourishing my frail nails, and giving them breathing time so that I can apply gel on top of them for the upcoming proms I have to attend to (which I'm super excited about); so stay tuned for my prom nails (;

May is such an exciting month, and not just because my birthday's in May, & I had an amazing birthday this year. I mean, I never really celebrate my birthday, but this year, my friends all surprised and showered me with gifts! I'm lucky to have such an amazing bunch of people in my life, I'm thankful for every single one of them (and also for all of the nail goodies I got). 
Here are the newest additions to my collection:
nail studs, caviar beads, and many many new polishes!

I can't wait to use these!

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Dainty Doilies

Hello, hello to you all! I'm sure than many of you can tell that I chopped my nails off again, but this time.. they're extremely short! I honestly can't function properly with nails this short (especially my middle finger), they feel so abnormal and strange. Even though growing my nails out doesn't usually take very long, my nails are so brittle and weak, they're basically like eggshells! I'm currently trying everything in my power to try and keep my nails from chipping, I have multiple strengthening and protein enriched base coats on as well as a generous coat of a nail hardener, so I hope my efforts will yield in satisfactory results.

Enough blabbing, onto the design! To suit my little nubs I wanted a very simple but very delicate design. I originally intended to do a lace inspired design, but then I thought...why not doilies?! Doilies are so intricate and cute (and also very lace-like). These are all free-handed, by the way.. and completely drawn from my imagination, so these nails also have a very personal touch to them.

Here are some tips and tricks to creating you very own dainty doily nail design (and a closer look at one of my nails).

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Cute Spring Nails

Happy Easter to all those who who celebrate it! These are my nails of the week, they're super cute and perfect for spring! Although I did not do any Easter inspired designs, these nails are a little bit Easter-esque with their bright pastel colours. 

Here are some tips and tricks on how to create you very own version of these cute spring nails:

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Magenta Roses

Hello, hello!! It looks like spring has finally arrived here in Canada! I'm so excited for summer to come once again!
This time, I did something that I hardly ever do...I used a black polish as a base colour!I guess that in light of the recent happenings in my life, my choice in polish colour is beginning to reflect my mood..BUT anyway, to celebrate the first breaths of spring (and to the new season that is sure to bring new memories), I used my most favourite flowers as accents! (If you couldn't tell already, roses are my absolute favourite flowers).
Here are some tips on how to create you own version if this manicure:

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Simple Gradient with Subtle Rose Accents

Hello to all! I apologize for not posting sooner, but I have no good excuses; I've just been really lazy and I have not been photographing any of my new manicures. This is actually a manicure I had on a couple of weeks ago; and  unfortunately, as you may have noticed, I had to cut my nails short again because they just kept on cracking and chipping! No matter how careful I am, my brittle nails are just too weak to face the world. Winter weather is so hard on the nails, I can't wait for summer to come so that I can wear my nails long again. 
Recently, I've started to really enjoy doing and seeing gradient nail designs- they're so simple yet they can look so elegant and cute. In my pre-blogging days, I did not like gradients at all... probably due to the fact that I failed to make them look how I wanted them to. But, it's like they say, practice (and patience) make perfect! Actually, I've also recently started to really enjoy nude nails as well...combine the two along with my love for roses and you get this manicure (I'm sure more designs like this one are sure to come in the near future). 
Here are my tips and tricks to create your own version of this manicure:

Sunday, 16 March 2014

French Foliage

I've really been hoping for spring to finally come to Canada, but the ground here is still covered with thick layers of snow- and it does look like it's going to melt away any time soon (we just had a mini blizzard a few days ago too)! So I took the best of both worlds and I combined white colours of the snow, turned it into the buds, vines and flowers I want to see and I created this really dainty and delicate looking manicure.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to create your very own French Foliage Manicure:

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Simple Purple Manicure with Flowers

Just last week, I got my UV gel curing lamp and I wanted to try using it for the first time, so this is what I experimented with; just a quick and simple manicure. The only thing I needed to put under my lamp to was my top coat, everything else was normal nail polish. 
Anyway...Here are some tips for creating your own version of this:

Monday, 17 February 2014

Frozen's Olaf insp' Nails

WOW. I've been meaning to do this for a while...and I've FINALLY ACCOMPLISHED IT. IT'S DONE. YAY!!!! I've been obsessing over Frozen for the past few weeks, if you haven't yet, I suggest that you do it ASAP because it is SUCH a great movie, (alright, I confess... I've seen the movie twice, and I've been listening to the soundtracks non-stop), and my nails have finally caught on! For those of you who don't know, Olaf is a cute snowman who is brought to life by Queen Elsa's magic, and he is the most goofy and lovable snowman ever! One thing that really inspired me to do this manicure was Olaf's  song 'In Summer', where he pines to experience summer (not knowing what happens to snow under the sun); and since North America seems to be frozen over this winter, I cannot wait for summer to come again!

Without further ado (and before I spoil more of the movie), here are my tips for creating your very own Olaf inspired nails:

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Simply Sweet Valentine's Day Nails

Happy (almost) Valentine's Day to you all! These nails are super cute and super sweet (though a bit more time consuming to do), and I think that they're just perfect for Valentine's day. Well, I did get a bit indecisive this year so I decided upon this mix-n-match design from the combination of  all my ideas. These are my designs (starting from my index finger); hearts & swirls, a heart-shaped Valentine that says 'BE MINE', two love birds saying 'I love you', XOXO's, and my thumb (not pictured) is another variation of the love birds, but instead of saying 'I love you', it has a giant heart.

Now here are some Tips&Tricks on how to recreate these nails:

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Chinese New Year Nails

Voila! This post is just a tad late (and I also apologize for not updating in so long)...But it's been a pretty hectic month (and year) thus far. Excuses aside, I finally had some time to create these simple, yet festive nails. I actually really like this design because they're so simple to do, bold, fabulous, and not to mention- they aren't very time consuming (which is awesome because time isn't something that I have right now). Oh yes, here's a fun fact- the horse on my thumbnail is actually the Chinese Character for horse, "馬"! are some tips for creating your very own Lunar New Year Nails nails: