Saturday, 12 April 2014

Magenta Roses

Hello, hello!! It looks like spring has finally arrived here in Canada! I'm so excited for summer to come once again!
This time, I did something that I hardly ever do...I used a black polish as a base colour!I guess that in light of the recent happenings in my life, my choice in polish colour is beginning to reflect my mood..BUT anyway, to celebrate the first breaths of spring (and to the new season that is sure to bring new memories), I used my most favourite flowers as accents! (If you couldn't tell already, roses are my absolute favourite flowers).
Here are some tips on how to create you own version if this manicure:
  • make sure all of the nail polishes you use are opaque and heavily pigmented, especially the colour you want to use for the roses/leaves- they have to be able to overcome the black base colour (you could test the  polishes out beforehand)
  • to create the designs I used a toothpick, which I periodically sharpened with my nail file so that I could get the details in my roses
  • here, I have square nails, but this manicure can be applied to any nail shape and length
  • to fill up some of the negative space on my accent nails, I used clusters of small dots to represent very simple rose buds
  • the black stripe on the tip of the other nails is optional, but it does bring the entire design together 

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