Friday 31 March 2017

Spring Florals (with Pictorial)

Hello friends! For a while, it finally felt like spring had come because the temperatures were so high! I really enjoyed taking walks outside without a thick jacket. Sadly, it snowed again yesterday and the temperatures are low once more, boo. I'm actually really anticipating seeing flowers bloom again. All the stores are already beginning to set up their garden centers and I could not more more excited for it! I hope they have lots of pretty succulents and flowers in stock this year. On the bright side, the two little succulent I got weeks again are growing quite nicely and are bringing a nice splash of color to my room.
A couple of weeks ago, my mother and I were flipping through our flyers and I came upon a booklet of  spring fashion from The Hudson's Bay Company; I saw an amazingly cute dress with this quaint little floral pattern on it, and I knew that I needed to put it onto my nails! I tore the page from the booklet and kept it for inspiration. They're amazingly cute. I love how the subtle the tiny bunches of flowers are. Added to the nude background, I think this pattern is just so perfect for spring. I left a bit of  negative space on a couple of my fingers because I had originally anticipated to add some pearl studs or gold accents. However, in the end, I decided against doing it because I didn't want anything ti draw attention away from the simple subtlety of it. 

Anyway, continue reading to see a pictorial in how I created these nails (and more pictures)...

Monday 27 March 2017

Quick NOTW: Negative Space Nails

Hello friends! I am back again to share this super simple nail design. I actually did these nails last week, and I wore them at the same time as my paper planes mani! The two designs were really different and contrasting, and this particular style of design, is definitely unlike any I've ever done before. I'd avoided doing negative space nails previously because I didn't like how yellow my nails were from my prolonged use of polish. However, I finally decided to embrace my nails in all their yellow-stained glory and give my cinderella hand it's own unique design.
 The color I used is one that I've had for a year,but remained unopened. It's a gorgeous two-toned chrome polish by OPI. In the picture I've taken, my nails look a metallic purple, but in from other angles,  it's more of a blueish-green. The colour is absolutely gorgeous and very eye-catching. It was fun to stray away from the solid colours I usually use in my nail-art and try this stunning duochrome polish!

Friday 24 March 2017

Paper Airplane Nails(Quick NOTW)

Hello Friends! I'm back again with another nail design! I've had a lot more time to do my nails recently, so I'll be posting more often. Anyway, these are my paper plane print nails! This has been a design that I've wanted to do for years; ever since I first started doing nail art, and I'd glad I finally got to do it. The thing that prompted me to do this design was a game that I downloaded a couple days ago. The game is called "Paper Planes" and it's pretty adorable. You fold planes, stamp them with your location and send the airplane off. You can catch planes that other players have sent, stamp them with your location and send those off too. I think that the concept  is super cool, and it's fun to see the places that the paper places have "flown" to; this game definitely has a lot of potential. 

Monday 20 March 2017

Punny Aloe Nails

Hello friends! I am back again with another punny nail design. This week's design features one of my favourite plants; the aloe vera. I love aloe so much,  they make my skin feel amazing. I actually had 3 aloe plants at home until recently, but unfortunately, we had to move them outside due to some bugs hatching in the pot and they died from the cold.  I've already been on the look-out for some replacements, but none of the places I've been to recently seem to have them in stock. I definitely want to get one before summer starts (for my sunburn prone skin)!
Recently, I've been trying to use more of my more neglected polishes. I bought this gorgeous green colour almost a year ago and I've yet to use it. It felt quite strange to be wearing this design because I rarely ever have green coloured nails. This shade of green is a happy green and looks adorable when worn. I'll probably wear this colour a lot more in the future.

Anyway, without here are my tips and tricks on how to create your own aloe vera design....

Monday 13 March 2017

Beauty and the Beast Stained Glass Nails (with Pictorial)

Hello friends! Have any of you seen the live-action Beauty and the Beast movie yet? They trailers look so amazing and Emma Watson is as gorgeous as always. Maybe I'll take some time to go see it this week. Despite not having seen the movie yet, my nails this week are inspired by it (but maybe moreso the original Disney animation). I've only ever seen the animation two or three times, but I absolutely loved the sound track! "Tale as Old as Time" is such a wonderful song and it makes me feel all warm and tingly inside when I listen to it.
This week's nail art did involve a bit of experimentation since it was my first time attempting to create a stained-glass look. I used a glittery base polish with translucent colors on top. The results were not quite what I expected but I think they turned out quite nice, since the sheer layers of paint allowed some glitter flakes to shine through. It took me a while to nail down what design I wanted though, as there were so many cute characters in the movie. In the end, I kept my nails relatively simple using different parts of the stained glass from the movie. On my thumb is the beautiful rose, while on the rest of my fingers I incorperated the wall-climbing roses from the bottom left of the stained glass with the pattern of Belle's dress. 

Anyway, here are my tips, tricks, more pictures and a pictorial of how I did these nails....

Monday 6 March 2017

Quick NOTW: Howling Wolf Nails

Hello friends! I'm doing a little throw-back to this design that I did last lear at this time. I did my nails today, but I've decided to post those designs later in the week (the timing just seems more appropriate). I actually can't believe that I've not shared this design until now, I really enjoyed how it turned out. This was done purely using acrylic paint and the ombre/northern lights look way better than I expected them to! 
Anyway, I'll be back with some new designs very soon, so stay tuned!