Sunday, 25 December 2016

Quick NOTW Golden Mistletoe Nails (Cinderella Hand)

Hello friends and MERRY CHRISTMAS! Have all you Christmas wishes come true this year? I gave my cinderella hand some TLC last week with its own unique design. Sometimes, It feels quite strange to have different designs on my hands, but I also get two different pretty things to stare at! Oh boy, I stare at this design so much, I love how glittery and festive it is. These nails are also multifunctional those who wish for Christmas kisses and cannot find an actual mistletoe in sight (*wink wink*).. Anyway, I wish you all a very merry Christmas, happy holidays and that all your Christmas wishes come true!
 Continue reading to see a list of the polishes I used to create this design!

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Mix & Match Christmas Print Nails (with pictorial)

Hello friends! I am finally free from exams, and it feels amazing. I feel so liberated and weirdly energized for some reason, despite being so sleep deprived in the past couple of weeks. With my first few hours of freedom, I did my nails (typical me). I've compiled a couple of Christmas designs on both my hands and will likely be posting them during the next couple of days.
Being my usual indecisive self, with the addition of my jumbled-up brain, still fried from my exams; I just could not settle on one single design to put on my nails. I wanted cuteness, and I wanted color and I wanted my nails to be 500% Christmas-y! ....And that is how I ended up with this design. My nails just scream "CHRISTMAS!", and they fill me with holiday spirit.

The holidays really are the most wonderful time of the year, even if you don't really go out of your way to celebrate it. The streets are filled with cheer and everybody just seems happier around this time. People get together with their families and it just feels so wholesome. I, for one, cannot wait to get back home! I miss my brother dearly and I really want to bring him to Build-a-Bear (for his first time ever). I'm so excited!

Ah, enough of my rambling, continue reading to see my tips and tricks on how to create this manicure (along with a pictorial)!

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Poinsettias (with Pictorial)

Hello friends! We are less than two weeks away from Christmas, can you believe it? Although I'm still smack in the middle of  exams, I decided to take a  much needed break from studying and relax with some holiday themed nails (luckily, I have a few days gap before my next exam). I cannot wait for the break to start! I've been so tired as of late and my sleeping schedule is non-existent. I really wish I could just snuggle up in my blankets and watch netflix with a cup of hot chocolate all day.

I guess I'm continuing the nature themed nails from last week as well, with even more red and green plants. Poinsettias are so pretty! I used to be fascinated with them as a child, because the entire plant just looks like one huge flower. I also used to really enjoy playing with the little buds in the idle, I would always take one out and play with it for some odd reason (I was a strange child). Maybe I should bring a poinsettia home for Christmas this year, just to bring a little extra green into the home for these dreary winter months.
For this design, I decided to do something different. I used a black base color! I don't think it's something I've ever done before, so this was a complete first for me. Straying away from my usual white base was an interesting experience! The design definitely looked a lot more dull than I intended for it to be;and not being unable to fix mistakes was a little nerve wracking (due to the base color no being pure black). Overall, I quite enjoyed this experience and look forward to doing similar things in the future, which means that I need to start stocking up on black polishes!

Without further ado, here are more tips and tricks (and a pictorial) on how I created this look....

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Christmas Foliage (with Pictorial)

Hello friends! It's really starting to feel like Christmas, isn't it? I love seeing holiday decorations, they make everything so sparking and they stand out so beautifully against the dark winter days. I've really been itching to do Christmas designs recently since this is the only appropriate time to do it! Honestly though, I  wish that we could have these festivities twice a year, just so everything could be cheerful and decorated.
After going through my stash, I've come to realize that I lack green colored polishes and acrylic paints. Due to this, this design looks slightly mismatched in terms of the colors. The the yellow-green color I used to draw the leaves contrasted the color of the polish on my index finger to make it look much more blue than it actually is. This design would be much more well executed if the green colors were consistent... It look like I should definitely go out on a polish haul!

Read on to see how I created this look as well as some tips & tricks on how to create this design...