Saturday, 23 January 2016

Roses and Gold + Happy New Year!

Hello friends! Welcome to 2016! I've bee away for a month now, and I've missed it so much. I returned home for Christmas and only brought a set of polish back home with me. I did get the chance to swatch a couple of polishes I got from Crabtree&Evelyn  a couple of months ago. unfortunately, I packed my suitcase in quite a rush and failed to remember to bring some nail tools or even a top/base coat! In the end, Christmas break ended up just being a "breathing month" for my nails as I left them  bare for a majority of the time. It feels great to be back though! I promised myself that I would try my hardest to post weekly this year; so here's to keeping up with our new years resolutions and to a great new year!

I had a surprising amount of artist's block while trying to come up with the design for these nails, so I reverted to a design that I know how to do well. Rose nails were actually the first design that I learned to do when I first took up an interest in nail art, and I feel like I haven't done them in so long that bringing them back seemed like a good start for the year. These nails turned out to be really pretty in the end, I am loving the result! I was a bit skeptical about y choice of colours for this design, but the roses seem to pull the entire look together!
To find out how to create these nails, please read on: