Friday, 1 August 2014

Bubble Trouble (with gold accents)

I have amazing news, it has nothing to do with nails but... I now have a full time job for the summer! I've just been really tired everyday and I haven't really had time to care for my hands (sorry hands...). So I'm basically just doing quick, easy manicures that will last me through each week. Now, I don'y now if you can tell, but I took these picture on my way to work (I walk to work everyday); but I must admit, they turned out pretty great! The sun actually provides the perfect lighting! I'm also very glad I finally got to try out this new polish, it is L'oreal's Bubble Trouble and I've had it since last year, but I never got the chance to try it out (and my friend 'borrowed' it for quite a while as well). I absolutely LOVE it! It's such a cute colour and I have no idea why, but it sort of creates a natural gradient on you put it on your nails. I'm really looking forward to using this polish a lot more in the future.

I don't think this manicure needs a lot of explanation, I's really simple, but here are some tips and trick on how to make your manicure last a week (like these did...without chipping):