Friday, 9 June 2017

Quick NOTD: Red Floral Doodles

Hello friends, it's been a while since I've updated my blog! My schedule has been kind of wonky lately since I started work at a restaurant. The job has certainly taken a toll on my nails. I have them filed down to nubs right now because they keep breaking and peeling... sigh. 

Due to my busy schedule, I have not had much time to come up with many creative designs, so I've been sticking to florals. This design in particular was supposed to be a watercolor inspired design but it ended up looking more like a cute notebook doodle. 

Monday, 24 April 2017

Quick NOTW: April Showers

Hello friends! It looks like spring's come early this year (at least to where I am). The ground's usually still got some slush and snow on the ground this time of year, but this year's totally different. We've already several days where had the temperature above 20 degrees celsius and everything is already so beautiful and green. They say that April shower bring May flowers and is it every true! Some flowers are already booming but I can see all kinds of flower already spouting and forming bulbs. I even passed by a couple of gorgeous cherry blossom trees the other day. The house I used to live in had a cherry blossom tree in front of every house and it was just so amazingly beautiful come springtime when all the trees on the street would bloom!
This manicure was inspired not by the blooming flowers, however, but by the frequent rainy days we've been getting. An umbrella print is something that I've been wanting to do for a while, but this really did not turn out how I wanted it to. The umbrellas were okay, but there was too much negative space left in between and the nails just looked empty. I used rain drops to fill in the leftover space but it just turned out looking quite odd. I think the individual umbrellas really needed to be much closer together, with maybe just one or two rain drops in between. I definitely want to re-try doing an umbrella print design some day in the future and I hope it turns out way better!

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Quick NOTW: Easter Nails

Hello friends! How have you all been? I Have the most adorable nail art to share with you today! Adorable little Easter bunnies! Easter is probably one of the cutest holidays, commercially speaking of course. Who doesn't like cute fluffy bunnies, little chicks and egg shaped chocolates? I simply can't wait to get my hands on some Cadbury Creme Eggs and some Mini Eggs, those things taste amazing. I wish creme eggs were available all year round in stores. I've saw a basket of Oreo creme eggs at the store a couple of weeks ago, but due to being in a rush, I didn't buy any! Now, I'm searching high and low for the Oreo ones,but to no avail. Maybe I'll get lucky this week as Easter draws more near...
It has come to my attention that I've only shared pictures of the designs on my cinderella hand in the past several posts. My left hand is still quite shaky, but I can see some definite improvement! Although it's still very strange to see two contrasting designs on my hands, it's definitely more exciting; plus, I get to post more often. I have no idea why it took me so long to start doing this!

Friday, 7 April 2017

Quick NOTW: Simple White Flowers

Hello friends! How are you all enjoying ping thus far? It was beautiful and sunny here for a couple of  days, but I awoke to a blanket of snow covering everything this morning! Hopefully we won't see any more snow this month, but Canadian weather is just so unpredictable. I'm itching for all the petty flowers to start sprouting and blooming already. I'm really hoping to add some more cuties to my little succulent collection. I'm really looking forward to possibly acquiring some adorable sedums, they are just so adorable! Anyway, in anticipation for spring, I did these really simple and cute white flowers on my cinderella hand this week. My non-dominant hand has been getting a bit rusty lately and these cute flowers were great practice.
This adorable pastel purple colour is "Sittin' Pretty" by Essie, and it's such a perfectly cute spring colour. The rest of the design was done using acrylic paint. 

Friday, 31 March 2017

Spring Florals (with Pictorial)

Hello friends! For a while, it finally felt like spring had come because the temperatures were so high! I really enjoyed taking walks outside without a thick jacket. Sadly, it snowed again yesterday and the temperatures are low once more, boo. I'm actually really anticipating seeing flowers bloom again. All the stores are already beginning to set up their garden centers and I could not more more excited for it! I hope they have lots of pretty succulents and flowers in stock this year. On the bright side, the two little succulent I got weeks again are growing quite nicely and are bringing a nice splash of color to my room.
A couple of weeks ago, my mother and I were flipping through our flyers and I came upon a booklet of  spring fashion from The Hudson's Bay Company; I saw an amazingly cute dress with this quaint little floral pattern on it, and I knew that I needed to put it onto my nails! I tore the page from the booklet and kept it for inspiration. They're amazingly cute. I love how the subtle the tiny bunches of flowers are. Added to the nude background, I think this pattern is just so perfect for spring. I left a bit of  negative space on a couple of my fingers because I had originally anticipated to add some pearl studs or gold accents. However, in the end, I decided against doing it because I didn't want anything ti draw attention away from the simple subtlety of it. 

Anyway, continue reading to see a pictorial in how I created these nails (and more pictures)...

Monday, 27 March 2017

Quick NOTW: Negative Space Nails

Hello friends! I am back again to share this super simple nail design. I actually did these nails last week, and I wore them at the same time as my paper planes mani! The two designs were really different and contrasting, and this particular style of design, is definitely unlike any I've ever done before. I'd avoided doing negative space nails previously because I didn't like how yellow my nails were from my prolonged use of polish. However, I finally decided to embrace my nails in all their yellow-stained glory and give my cinderella hand it's own unique design.
 The color I used is one that I've had for a year,but remained unopened. It's a gorgeous two-toned chrome polish by OPI. In the picture I've taken, my nails look a metallic purple, but in from other angles,  it's more of a blueish-green. The colour is absolutely gorgeous and very eye-catching. It was fun to stray away from the solid colours I usually use in my nail-art and try this stunning duochrome polish!

Friday, 24 March 2017

Paper Airplane Nails(Quick NOTW)

Hello Friends! I'm back again with another nail design! I've had a lot more time to do my nails recently, so I'll be posting more often. Anyway, these are my paper plane print nails! This has been a design that I've wanted to do for years; ever since I first started doing nail art, and I'd glad I finally got to do it. The thing that prompted me to do this design was a game that I downloaded a couple days ago. The game is called "Paper Planes" and it's pretty adorable. You fold planes, stamp them with your location and send the airplane off. You can catch planes that other players have sent, stamp them with your location and send those off too. I think that the concept  is super cool, and it's fun to see the places that the paper places have "flown" to; this game definitely has a lot of potential.