Friday, 24 March 2017

Paper Airplane Nails(Quick NOTW)

Hello Friends! I'm back again with another nail design! I've had a lot more time to do my nails recently, so I'll be posting more often. Anyway, these are my paper plane print nails! This has been a design that I've wanted to do for years; ever since I first started doing nail art, and I'd glad I finally got to do it. The thing that prompted me to do this design was a game that I downloaded a couple days ago. The game is called "Paper Planes" and it's pretty adorable. You fold planes, stamp them with your location and send the airplane off. You can catch planes that other players have sent, stamp them with your location and send those off too. I think that the concept  is super cool, and it's fun to see the places that the paper places have "flown" to; this game definitely has a lot of potential. 

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