Friday, 31 March 2017

Spring Florals (with Pictorial)

Hello friends! For a while, it finally felt like spring had come because the temperatures were so high! I really enjoyed taking walks outside without a thick jacket. Sadly, it snowed again yesterday and the temperatures are low once more, boo. I'm actually really anticipating seeing flowers bloom again. All the stores are already beginning to set up their garden centers and I could not more more excited for it! I hope they have lots of pretty succulents and flowers in stock this year. On the bright side, the two little succulent I got weeks again are growing quite nicely and are bringing a nice splash of color to my room.
A couple of weeks ago, my mother and I were flipping through our flyers and I came upon a booklet of  spring fashion from The Hudson's Bay Company; I saw an amazingly cute dress with this quaint little floral pattern on it, and I knew that I needed to put it onto my nails! I tore the page from the booklet and kept it for inspiration. They're amazingly cute. I love how the subtle the tiny bunches of flowers are. Added to the nude background, I think this pattern is just so perfect for spring. I left a bit of  negative space on a couple of my fingers because I had originally anticipated to add some pearl studs or gold accents. However, in the end, I decided against doing it because I didn't want anything ti draw attention away from the simple subtlety of it. 

Anyway, continue reading to see a pictorial in how I created these nails (and more pictures)...

  • Start off with a nude base colour (I used Sally Hansen's Sheer Ecstasy); if you want to create negative space nails like I have done, use some striping tape to get clean lines
  • On your palette, prepare white, dark pink, green, and black acrylic paints
  • Using a very thin brush, draw little dots/flower shapes in a bunch using your dark pink colour, be sure to vary the size of the flowers
  • Mix your dark pink color with some white and go fill in the flowers you've just created (it doesn't have to be perfect)
  • Next, go in with your white paint and just fill in the very centers of your flowers
  • Clean your brush and make a very tiny black dot in the center of some of the larger flowers
  • For the leaves, use your thin brush and create leaf like shapes (marquis shapes) around the flowers in varying sizes
  • Shade the leaves by mixing some black paint with your green paint; remember to kep the tips of the leaves lighter and the end (near the flowers) a darker color
  • Repeat the process to create more flower bunches
  • Seal off your design with a thick topcoat (I used Pro-FX's Long Wearing UV Topcoat) since acrylic paints tend to be more absorbent and look matte under a thin topcoat
  • Finish off your design by applying a quick dry topcoat to help your nails dry faster (Optional)
...and it's as easy as that!

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