Saturday 19 December 2015

Charmed Aroma Review and Candy Cane Nails

Hello all! It's less than five days until Christmas and I couldn't be more excited; plus, it's started to snow here, so I might get a white Christmas after all. I am finally home after a month of sleepless nights and continuous studying. I am so glad to be done with all of my exams, and I get some time to myself to do my nails once again. Right on time too, since my nails and hands were in shambles from my lack of TLC lately. I had to chop my claws short after accidentally slicing half of the nail on my index finger off a couple of weeks ago. Although I did manage to fix it using the trusty tea-bag method for my snowflake nails, I decided it was time to start anew and grow some stronger nails. Unfortunately, I forgot to take any process pictures for this design, but I have a very similar design that I did a couple of years ago, so if you want to know to to create this design you can find the blog post here.

Anyway, my boyfriend and I decided to exchange gifts before I left, and to my surprise, my gift was two Charmed Aroma candles! I found out about these candles a couple of months ago and I've been wanting them ever since. I only brought one back home with me, as I didn't want my luggage to be too heavy so this will be the one I am reviewing.
This is the Charmed Aroma candle in the scent "Sweet Pea Valley".
Continue reading to find out more about Charmed Aroma, and my thoughts on the product.

Friday 4 December 2015

Snowflake Nails

Hello and welcome to December! I simply cannot believe that almost another year has already passed! Time just goes by so fast nowadays. When I was younger the an entire day seemed to last forever, but now, a day goes by in the blink of an eye. I guess it's also really tough to believe that it's already December seeing as that there is absolutely no snow on the ground! It's been so warm recently, I brought out my winter jacket to wear last week but I'm regretting that decision because it is way too warm to wear it. With the temperature remaining above zero, it feels all too much like spring and all the holiday decor looks out of place.
I think it's been a couple of years since my last attempt at snowflake nails, which, by the way was a horrifying sight to behold. I'm glad that this time I managed to get the the radial symmetry of the snowflakes correct, especially since my last attempt resulted in some very irregularly long and wonky flakes. Yesterday was a proud day for me, not only did I correctly draw some snowflakes, I managed to fix my broken nail! Whilst I was chopping up some potatoes yesterday I almost chopped the entire tip of my index finger off! I tried the tea-bag fixing magic and it worked! It is amazing how my nail looks as good as new, you can't even tell which nail it is ! (Hint: it's the index finger)

Here are my tips and tricks on creating your own snowflake nails and more close-up pictures: