Saturday 19 December 2015

Charmed Aroma Review and Candy Cane Nails

Hello all! It's less than five days until Christmas and I couldn't be more excited; plus, it's started to snow here, so I might get a white Christmas after all. I am finally home after a month of sleepless nights and continuous studying. I am so glad to be done with all of my exams, and I get some time to myself to do my nails once again. Right on time too, since my nails and hands were in shambles from my lack of TLC lately. I had to chop my claws short after accidentally slicing half of the nail on my index finger off a couple of weeks ago. Although I did manage to fix it using the trusty tea-bag method for my snowflake nails, I decided it was time to start anew and grow some stronger nails. Unfortunately, I forgot to take any process pictures for this design, but I have a very similar design that I did a couple of years ago, so if you want to know to to create this design you can find the blog post here.

Anyway, my boyfriend and I decided to exchange gifts before I left, and to my surprise, my gift was two Charmed Aroma candles! I found out about these candles a couple of months ago and I've been wanting them ever since. I only brought one back home with me, as I didn't want my luggage to be too heavy so this will be the one I am reviewing.
This is the Charmed Aroma candle in the scent "Sweet Pea Valley".
Continue reading to find out more about Charmed Aroma, and my thoughts on the product.

What they are: Charmed Aroma is a Canadian based company (Canada Represent!) that offers comforting scented soy candles for you home. Each candle will contain a ring worth anywhere from $10 to $5000 inside. The only way to retrieve the ring it to light the candle and wait for the wax to melt enough for you to retrieve the ring inside. The ring of course, will be tightly wrapped to ensure that no wax ends up on it, and each will come with a code that you can enter on their site to get it appraised.
My first thoughts: Even prior to lighting the candle, I could smell how deliciously wonderful it was. Each candle has to cotton wicks so they're relatively easy to light. Yes, This may not seem like a usual problem, but I have actually had candles that took quite a few attempts to light; but lighting these candles were a breeze!
Not long after, the scent began to fill the room. Sweet pea has always been a favorite scent of mine but this one is especially gentle and extremely comforting. The smell wasn't overwhelming like some candles tend to be, it'll subtly fill the room. You'll still be able to notice it, but it won't overwhelm your sense of smell. It's quite a light and gentle scent, and it's made me extremely happy.
I did expect the candle to burn a little bit faster than it did, but given that it only has 2 wicks, compared to candles of a similar size which usually have 3 wicks, that made sense. This is also an advantage as these candles seem to last forever, you'll definitely get your money's worth.
I estimate that approximately 10-15 hours elapsed until I was finally able to even see the foil packet peeking through the melted wax, I had to wait an additional hour to wait for enough wax to become liquid enough for me to retrieve the ring with ease. I cleaned off the wax with paper towels and retrieved my prize . The ring is a beautiful square-cut jewel (most likely cubic zirconium) surrounded by smaller jewels, and is appraised for $50. I am extremely happy with my ring an I have not stopped wearing it since. Now that the ring is out, I still have over 65% of the candle left so there's still a lot to go. Wow, these candles last long!

Pros: These candles are easy to light, smell amazing, last long and the ring is gorgeous
Con: I can't really think of any cons, but I guess the only setback would be for those of us who are impatient and just don't want to wait to retrieve the prize; but really, there's nothing that I can complain about, I think they're amazing and I want to try so many more.

Here is a closeup of my ring
Anyway, for more information and to order your own candles, please go to the Charmed Aroma website: and seek your own surprise!

Disclaimer: I just wanted to say that this review contains my honest opinions and I was in no way asked or payed to provide a review for this product.

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