Thursday 8 December 2016

Christmas Foliage (with Pictorial)

Hello friends! It's really starting to feel like Christmas, isn't it? I love seeing holiday decorations, they make everything so sparking and they stand out so beautifully against the dark winter days. I've really been itching to do Christmas designs recently since this is the only appropriate time to do it! Honestly though, I  wish that we could have these festivities twice a year, just so everything could be cheerful and decorated.
After going through my stash, I've come to realize that I lack green colored polishes and acrylic paints. Due to this, this design looks slightly mismatched in terms of the colors. The the yellow-green color I used to draw the leaves contrasted the color of the polish on my index finger to make it look much more blue than it actually is. This design would be much more well executed if the green colors were consistent... It look like I should definitely go out on a polish haul!

Read on to see how I created this look as well as some tips & tricks on how to create this design...

  • For my non-accent nails I used Essie's Lacquered Up and Ciate's Ditch the Heels.

  • Start off with a white base color (I used Zoya's Purity)
  • Create some holly berries by using a dotting tool (for the berries) and a thin brush to make the spiky leaves (I did all this using acrylic paint)
  • Using a small dotting tool, create small clusters of red berries and draw some thin brown branches to connect the berries
  • Add some leaves and pine branches to fill up the rest of the negative space
  • You can create more depth by using different shades of green to color in the leaves (just by mixing the acrylic paint)
...Finish off by adding a top-coat to seal up the acrylic paint and it's as easy as that!

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