Sunday 27 April 2014

Dainty Doilies

Hello, hello to you all! I'm sure than many of you can tell that I chopped my nails off again, but this time.. they're extremely short! I honestly can't function properly with nails this short (especially my middle finger), they feel so abnormal and strange. Even though growing my nails out doesn't usually take very long, my nails are so brittle and weak, they're basically like eggshells! I'm currently trying everything in my power to try and keep my nails from chipping, I have multiple strengthening and protein enriched base coats on as well as a generous coat of a nail hardener, so I hope my efforts will yield in satisfactory results.

Enough blabbing, onto the design! To suit my little nubs I wanted a very simple but very delicate design. I originally intended to do a lace inspired design, but then I thought...why not doilies?! Doilies are so intricate and cute (and also very lace-like). These are all free-handed, by the way.. and completely drawn from my imagination, so these nails also have a very personal touch to them.

Here are some tips and tricks to creating you very own dainty doily nail design (and a closer look at one of my nails).
  • start off with a very solid and opaque base colour (it can be anything!)
  • use a small brush (I use my trusty 10/0 brush)
  • to paint the basic shape of the doilies, draw a quarter of a circle coming from one 'corner' of your nail and ending at the adjacent corner
  • add very an assortment of very repetitive dashes, dots and lines to create the lace look, but remember to keep your brush strokes light and thin
  • These nails are suitable for any nail shape or length!
please excuse my ugly, dry cuticles! ^_^

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