Sunday 20 April 2014

Cute Spring Nails

Happy Easter to all those who who celebrate it! These are my nails of the week, they're super cute and perfect for spring! Although I did not do any Easter inspired designs, these nails are a little bit Easter-esque with their bright pastel colours. 

Here are some tips and tricks on how to create you very own version of these cute spring nails:
  • paint a opaque coat of white polish as your base colour
  • once the base colour is dry, use striping tape to mask the areas where you will do the stripes (this is optional, but it does ensure that your design stays neat)
  • For the stripes I used a small dotting tool and a variety of pastel colours: green, blue, purple (which doesn't really show in the photo), and yellow.
  • the pattern of the stripes is completely random, the colours are in no particular order
  • a small dotting tool was also used in the creation of the flowers
  • this design can be done on any nail length or shape

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