Saturday 5 April 2014

Simple Gradient with Subtle Rose Accents

Hello to all! I apologize for not posting sooner, but I have no good excuses; I've just been really lazy and I have not been photographing any of my new manicures. This is actually a manicure I had on a couple of weeks ago; and  unfortunately, as you may have noticed, I had to cut my nails short again because they just kept on cracking and chipping! No matter how careful I am, my brittle nails are just too weak to face the world. Winter weather is so hard on the nails, I can't wait for summer to come so that I can wear my nails long again. 
Recently, I've started to really enjoy doing and seeing gradient nail designs- they're so simple yet they can look so elegant and cute. In my pre-blogging days, I did not like gradients at all... probably due to the fact that I failed to make them look how I wanted them to. But, it's like they say, practice (and patience) make perfect! Actually, I've also recently started to really enjoy nude nails as well...combine the two along with my love for roses and you get this manicure (I'm sure more designs like this one are sure to come in the near future). 
Here are my tips and tricks to create your own version of this manicure:

  • start off with a solid sheer-opaque base colour, and apply the white gradient with a small make-up sponge dipped in white polish
  • remember to work very slowly, making sure that your applications are even and that there are no blotchy areas
  • make sure to keep the white colour very saturated at the free-edge/tip of the nail
  • here, my tiny roses are done with my usual trusty 10/0 brush 
  • the embellishments I used are 2mm  plastic nail jewels
  • I finished off the manicure with a UV gel topcoat for extra shine and to ensure that the jewels stayed on

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