Sunday 16 March 2014

French Foliage

I've really been hoping for spring to finally come to Canada, but the ground here is still covered with thick layers of snow- and it does look like it's going to melt away any time soon (we just had a mini blizzard a few days ago too)! So I took the best of both worlds and I combined white colours of the snow, turned it into the buds, vines and flowers I want to see and I created this really dainty and delicate looking manicure.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to create your very own French Foliage Manicure:
  •  Make sure your base colour is a solid nude polish that isn't too light, this way, the white colour of the foliage will stand out more
  • use a thin brush to create the foliage; here, I used my usual 10/0 brush
  • don't stick to the same design, have a variety of different designs
  • keep your brush strokes heavier towards the free edge of the nail,
  • as well, keep make sure that the foliage is more dense at the free edge of the nail, and thin it out towards the middle of the nail
  • (optional) use a matte topcoat to seal off the design

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