Saturday 24 May 2014

Prom Nails: Diagonal French Design

Hello all! My eventful week whizzed by like a breeze! I did these simple yet very elegant nails for prom, and I am absolutely in love with them! I've always been a fan of diagonal designs, but this was my first time doing a french inspired diagonal  manicure; plus, I think that the rhinestones really pull it together and they add extra dazzle!
(I haven't a clue of what I'll do for my next set of prom nails yet...)

Here are some tips on creating your very own diagonal french nails for prom (or any occasion):
  • this manicure looks best on longer, square shaped nails
  • these are gel nails (because I needed to extend my own nails and ensure that my manicure lasted until the actual day of prom), however, this manicure can easily be created using regular nail polish
  • to extend my nails, I used  nail forms
  • when doing the white tips, start approximately 2/3 from the cuticle and sweep the brush towards the free edge
  • on accent fingers (I have them on my ring fingers & thumbs) place the rhinestones such that they form a tiny curve at the winder end of the white tip
  • if you can't tell from the pictures, I have small 2mm rhine stones along with a larger flower shaped rhinestone on each finger
  • if you're creating this design with regular nail polish, use an extra glossy topcoat and coat your nails several times (if necessary) to give them a beautiful shine and to keep the rhinestones in place!
P.S. Stay Tuned for my next set of prom nails! (;

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