Thursday, 6 February 2014

Chinese New Year Nails

Voila! This post is just a tad late (and I also apologize for not updating in so long)...But it's been a pretty hectic month (and year) thus far. Excuses aside, I finally had some time to create these simple, yet festive nails. I actually really like this design because they're so simple to do, bold, fabulous, and not to mention- they aren't very time consuming (which is awesome because time isn't something that I have right now). Oh yes, here's a fun fact- the horse on my thumbnail is actually the Chinese Character for horse, "馬"! are some tips for creating your very own Lunar New Year Nails nails:

  • make sure your base colour very bold and bright red
  • when writing the characters use a thin brush (here, I used acrylic paint and a 10/0 brush)
  • when doing the gold glitter gradient, make sure that the glitter is highly saturated (or opaque) at the origin for best results
  • the gradient can start at either end of the nail (I prefer it to start at the cuticles instead of the free edge)
  • on your accent nails, sparsely paint a thin coat of the gold glitter polish (make sure it isn't too solid and that it does not over-power the red polish underneath)
  • these nails are suitable for any nail shape or length

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