Wednesday 12 February 2014

Simply Sweet Valentine's Day Nails

Happy (almost) Valentine's Day to you all! These nails are super cute and super sweet (though a bit more time consuming to do), and I think that they're just perfect for Valentine's day. Well, I did get a bit indecisive this year so I decided upon this mix-n-match design from the combination of  all my ideas. These are my designs (starting from my index finger); hearts & swirls, a heart-shaped Valentine that says 'BE MINE', two love birds saying 'I love you', XOXO's, and my thumb (not pictured) is another variation of the love birds, but instead of saying 'I love you', it has a giant heart.

Now here are some Tips&Tricks on how to recreate these nails:

  • use a really thin brush to make the designs, especially if you plan on adding text! (I used a 10/0 brush)
  • these nails are suitable for any nail shape
  • the base colour should be a light pastel colour (though pink is preferable because it's Valentine's day)

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