Friday, 13 November 2015

Elegant Watercolor Nails (with Pictorial)

Hello everybody! It's been a gloomy couple of days up here in Ottawa; it was pouring rain for a while yesterday, and it's been lightly misting all day today. The rain just makes me so sleepy all the time, and with the daylight saving days ending, the days here get dark so early it feels like nighttime seventy-five percent of the time. The good thing so far is that we've been blessed with such warm weather this year. Usually by this time, I already have 10 layers of clothes and my warmest jacket on, so I'm really glad for that.
This week's WNAC theme is watercolor, so I decided to do some very pastel water colour nails with a cute purple french tips! This was actually inspired by a design I did several years ago, but I haven't had a chance to practice this technique so the blending didn't turn out exactly how I thought they would.  I also don't think the picture turned out very well, as the pink barely shows but, these pictures give the design a more pastel and gentle look.
Keep reading f you want to know and see how I did these nails:

  • Start off with a solid white base colour (I used NYC's French White Tip)
  • Dot on some globs of the nail polish (here, I used Pure Ice's Jail Bait, a pastel pink from simply sweet, and a light blue polish I got from Urban Outfitters)
  • Dip a small square-shaped brush into some nail polish remover (don't use pure acetone here as it is too strong and may dissolve a hole in the polish) and use it to swirl the colours together
  • Keep swirling the colours together and add more globs of colour as needed
  • When you swirl the colours, ensure that you aren't using too much force so that you don't create a hole in your design
  • If you happen to create a hole, allow the spot to dry off for a bit (so that there isn't polish remover welled up in the dent) and add more globs and swirl it some more
  • Use a fast drying topcoat to help the thick layer of polish to dry
  • Using Pure Ice's Jail Bait, add a solid line straight across the free-edge of the nail
  • Use a thin brush to create a white line that outlines the purple tip you've just created
  • Add a small bow to complete your design. My bows were not pure white so I painted over them with a very thin layer of acrylic paint.
  • Seal off your deign with a fast drying top coat, if you find that your nails are bumpy, wait for the nail to dry a bit first before adding a thick layer of a clear topcoat. 

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