Friday, 4 September 2015

Simple Nautical Themed Nails

Hello lovely people! I've just spent the last week packing up all of my things and I moved back to school yesterday. I don't keep my manicures for long while I pack because they tend to chip and break so much, so my nails are currently naked. Thus, I thought that it would be the perfect time to share my nautical themed nails (that I did a couple weeks ago) because they're so simple easy do... Plus, it's almost the end of summer so the timing is perfect.

This was actually my first attempt at nautical nails, I see them everywhere and I've always been a fan of them. I honestly do not think that this attempt was very successful, I know i could've made it look much better, but it's a start. I would definitely like to redo this manicure again one day. Free handing the waves and trying to make every peak even and identical was definitely the most difficult part of it.

Keep reading to find out my tips and tricks on how to create this simple manicure:

  • start off by painting all of your nails white (I used Sally Hansen's white out)
  • Paint a boat on your accent nails using red paint. The boat is made up of one large triangle and one small one (to make up the sails) and a long half oval at the bottom
  • To paint the waves, use a very thin brush (I used a 10/0 brush I got from an art store)
  • For the rest of your nails, arrange 2 strips of striping tape to accent the tip/free edge of your nails, and press the tape down. Paint over the entire nail with blue polish and then quickly peel off the tape.
  • Add some round golden studs to your nails to nails to complete the look

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