Friday, 25 September 2015

Autumn Leaves (with Pictorial)

Happy autumn to you all! The weather here reflects the season so well, its gotten super chilly already, and to be honest it's really quite nice (except that I can't wear dresses and not freeze in the mornings anymore). Soon all the leaves will start to change colour and I'm so excited! When I was younger my parents and I would go on road trips to more northern parts of Ontario to look at all the beautiful leaves. I would always collect a whole bunch of leave and wax them to decorate the house.
Obviously, my manicure for this week was inspired by those memories. I wanted to capture some of the autumn leaves in my nails so I used a nude base to emphasize them. I actually did a similar manicure around 2 years ago (but unfortunately I cannot find any picture of them). I honestly think that these nails are perfect to welcome autumn, and I cannot stop staring at my hands because the colours make me so happy.
Continue reading to find a pictorial and more information on how to create these nails:

  • Start off with a solid nude base colour, I used Sally Hansen's Duchesse Lace
  • Here's a lovely reference to leaf shapes I found on google: 
  • To paint the maple leaves, start from the centre of the leaf and paint outward to create the points, in a hand-like shape (I used NYC's Madison Avenue)
  • Next, using green polish (Ciate's Ditch The heels), create some small, green, spear-shaped leaves
  • Continue with painting some heart shaped leaves in yellow (NYC's Midtown Mimosa)
  • Finish the manicure off with some orange oak leaves (I used Sally Hansen's Sun-Kissed)
  • To accent the leaves even more, outline them with a thin paintbrush and some black polish, while adding a couple of leaf veins

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