Friday 31 July 2015

Vintage Cherry Nails (with pictorial)

Well, hello all! Here's the latest installment in my Fruity Nail Art collection... Cherry Nails! This will probably be the second last set of nails I will add to my fruit crazed 'collection', I have just one more idea that I want to paint. Honestly, doing a collection of nails with a relative theme is such a great idea! It provided me with a baseline of what I wanted to do but still had lot of wriggle room for creativity. It's just so great because a lot of the time (I say around 80%) I'll just be sitting at my desk and scrolling through the internet for inspiration and ideas; plus, I got to work a lot on different painting techniques. I'll definitely look into doing another 'collection' soon.
So this week's theme is cherries, and the colour palette this week gives off such a vintage and warm feeling.  The warm toned nude base just compliments the warm wine-red perfectly! As I am typing this, I am getting the biggest craving for cherries. I've yet to have any this summer, and it doesn't look like I'll be going cherry picking this year either, but at least I'll have my nals to look at for the time being... I'll probably go pick up some cherries at the grocery store later.
Anyway, enough blabbering from me. Here are some tips and tricks on how to create your very own vintage cherry nails (pictorial included):

  • On your accent fingers (or whichever fingers you want the design on), paint the base colour a solid (opaque) medium-light nude colour (I used a polish from the Simply Sweet Vintage Glam set)
  • Next, use a dotting tool to create the cherries in pairs of 2 using black nail polish or acrylic paint, follow up by using a thinner dotting tool to create a stem that joins the 2 cherries (do this for every pair) and also a leaf at the end of the stem
  • Proceed to fill in you stem and leaf with a light green nail polish/acrylic paint, being careful as to not cover all of the black base (which will act as your outline)
  • Then use a dotting tool to fill in the cherries with a wine red or dark red (I used Tivoli Colour Shock in #NP 036)
  • finish your design off by creating small highlights on the cherries using white nail polish or acrylic paint
  • for the other fingers, I painted them the same colour as the cherries and added 2 small green 2mm acrylic rhinestones for accents

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