Friday 17 July 2015

Minion Banana Inspired Nails

Hello all! I apologize for not posting anything last week, my boyfriend came to visit and I haven't seen him in like two months, so I wanted to spend as much time as I could with him. On his last night here, we watched the new minions movie and it was just adorable!
When I got back I knew I had to make minions the next theme for my nails. It also goes with well with the current fruit theme that I have going on. I've actually had the idea to do some banana nails for weeks but couldn't figure out how to make them look nice, but the little minions pulled it all together. I really want my own little minion henchmen.. they look like so much fun to be around! I just love them so much! I actually did some minion inspired nails two years ago (see below). Looking back, I can see that my technique has improved; my hands are definitely more steady and my lines are more crisp.
Now onto my tips and tricks for creating your own banana minion nails:
  • To paint the bananas: paint your nails a solid blue colour and then use a thin brush to make the outlines of the bananas in black, fill in your outline with yellow polish or acrylic paint and to finish it off, you can add a thin black line (vertically) across the banana shape
  • To paint the minions you need a solid yellow base colour
  • Next paint a a back band near the top the nail (near the cuticle) this is going to be the band for the minion's goggles, and paint either one or two circles in grey (depending on how many eyes your minion has), fill those grey circles with smaller white circles, and use a dotting tool to create the pupils
  • To paint the mouth, paint a "D" shaped smile and paint a small tongue using pink polish/paint, for the teeth, use a thin round brush dipped in a bit of white paint and then gently press down to create small teeth

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  1. very nice detail! I took my boyfriend to watch the movie, it was SO cute!


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