Friday, 7 August 2015

Blueberry Print Nails (With Pictorial)

Bonjour mes amis! Can you believe that it's already August?! Where does the time go? School will be starting in a month and I am just not ready for another sleep deprived year. I just want more time to do my nails!
The one good thing about the month of august is that it's blueberry picking season. I just love blueberries, I am obsessed with them, they're my favourite fruit. Hopefully I'll pick enough to bring to school with me... I just have to stop myself from eating everything. I'm so excited to go berry picking!
Anyway, Like I mentioned in my previous post, this will be my last fruit inspired manicure (for a while at least) and I will be moving on to other designs. Doing a collection of fruity nails has been so much fun and I got to try out and master so many different techniques. It was quite a worth while experience. I also have a lot of other nail-art stored up and ready to post; I've actually done quite a few different non-fruit related manicures during the past two months, so I'll be sure to post those soon too.
With this last design, I took on more of a challenge. I wanted to make it seem as real as possible so there is definitely a lot more shading and a wider range of colours. One thing that makes this manicure much different than the others I've done thus far is that it's done entirely in nail polish! Quite honestly, I'm not very accustomed to painting in nail polish, but I definitely want to do it more as it gives the nail art such a nice finished look. This is something I definitely want to do experiment with more in the future.
I've rambled on enough today, so here are some of my tips and tricks on how to create your very own blueberry print nails:

  • All together, I only used 4 different polishes to create this look, but you can choose to use more if you have more colours
  • Paint all of your nails a solid dark blue colour except for the fingers you want to be the accent fingers (my accent fingers are my thumb and ring fingers)
  • For your accent fingers, paint them a solid base of white
  • To paint the blueberries: start off by painting leaves in a medium green colour (ensure that your polish is a solid colour)
  • add highlights to the leaves by going over hald of each leaf with a lighter shade of green, I did not have one so I mixed the green I had with a bit of white polish
  • Next, paint bunches of blueberries upon the bunches of leaves using a dark blue polish (I mixed in my base colour with a bit of black polish
  • Go in and shade your berries with your base shade of blue (cover about half of each berry)
  • finish off you blueberries with a very small, and thin white highlight
  • Remember that you can always fix up your mistakes using more polish! Just don't glop to much on, or it'll be lumpy
  • (optional) add a green stripe to all your other finger nails to make your manicure more eye-catching!
And that's it! Just finish off you manicure by cleaning up your cuticles and adding a topcoat!

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