Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Quick NOTW Update (Two Designs): Cute Candy Corn Nails!

Hello friends! It's October, which means it's time to get into the Halloween spirit already! To get myself into the Halloween spirit, I wanted to do some nails inspired by the holiday. Since it isn't too close to Halloween yet, I didn't want anything too spooky. Anyway, when I was coming up with the design, I thought of one of my favorite Halloween treats! It's weird, I know that a lot of people hate candy corn but I just love them! If I had an actual cob-sized amount of the stuff I could eat it all up in a second. Plus, the little kernels of candy are super adorable. 

This week I decided to something new and post two different designs in one blogpost. On my left hand, I have the cute and punny candy corn design, but n my right hand, I wanted to keep it simple so I did a glitterly ombre design. Glitter and ombres go so well together! I don't know why, but the glitter somehow pulls the ombre together. 

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