Sunday, 25 September 2016

Quick NOTW: Fox Nails

Hello friends! I'm so excited to share these cute fox nails with you! Since the official transition from summer to autumn a couple of days ago, I decided to welcome it with adorable little foxes. To be quite honest though, I have no idea why foxes are associated with the fall season. Perhaps it's due to how their beautiful orange coloring blends in with the fall colors themselves. I think foxes are such lovely animals, plus, their cobs are simple adorable!
Anyways, due to the level of detail in this design, I asked my boyfriend to take pictures of my nails using his DSLR camera. We (mostly he) fumbled and adjusted a bunch of settings but we had very little success with taking usable pictures. I guess I still have to figure out proper lighting and the right settings for future pictures. I do love how some of the pictures turned out though (see first picture in this post), the pictures taken with the actual camera give my nails sort of a glazed porcelain look that makes the design look even more delicate.

Read on to see more pictures, and for some close ups!

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