Wednesday 10 August 2016

Quick NOTW Update- Starter Pokemon

Hello friends! I am back with another quick NOTW! Between going away and visiting my boyfriend, and getting sick, I finally found some time to give my nails some much needed TLC. I had so much fun doing the Bayleef nails two weeks ago, that I decided to continue with the pokemon theme. Plus, I've also been loving Pokemon Go so far so I thought that adding the available starter pokemon  from the game would make for a fun design.
When the game first came out, I could not wait to get my hands on it. I've had so much fun playing it, but due because of work (among other things), I have not gotten to play much. Anyway, soon after it's release, some players found a way to get a pikachu as your starter pokemon (although I'm not quite sure if this still works)! Thus, when I was coming up with the design for this week's nail art I wanted to include pikachu, despite him not being one of the official starters in the original game. These nails are so fun, colourful and they bring me so much delight whenever I see my hands. I definitely look forwards to doing similar designs, and my co-workers have suggested that I continue the theme and do other sets of starters. Another idea that I've had (also inspired by the game) was to draw eevee and its three eeveelutions. What design do you think I should do next?

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