Thursday 25 August 2016

"Bee Happy!" (with Pictorial)

Hello friends! I have this extremely cute and punny design to share with you all today. In grade two, I remember receiving a tiny notebook that said "BEE HAPPY" on it and the saying has stuck with me ever since. I no longer remember what the notebook looked like, but the phrase popped back into my mind the other day and I was inspired by it. 
This design has been bringing me smiles whenever I see it throughout the day. Read on to see step by step instructions (with pictures) on how to create these adorable nails!

  • Start off with a light blue base coat (I used the color 'Pixie' by Urban Outfitters)
  • Use a light green polish/paint and draw the flower stems with a thin brush (on your middle and ring fingers)
  • Use a thin brush and black acrylic paint to outline the stems, also make outlines for your flowers
  • Fill in the flowers with various colours; I used red, pink and purple
  • Use your thin brush to draw the outline for the bees and carefully add in the caption
  • On the non-accent nails, add in a bunch of squiggly bee-lines
  • Fill in your bees (yellow and black for the body with white for the wings)

Add a top-coat to your nails to seal in the design and you're done!

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