Sunday 3 July 2016

Tutti Frutti Nails + BornPrettyStore Item Review!

Hello friends, and Happy July! The year's half over already, can you believe that?! This month, I was asked by _nailaddiction on Instagram to join in her summer weekly challenge; the prompts looked so fun that I had participate! The first prompt of this month is "fruity" nails, so I did some mix & match of different kinds of fruits. Last year, at around this time, I did a bunch of fruit inspired nails nails as well; if you wish to see those, click here.

A couple of months ago, I received a mini palette ring from bornprettystore. I've use it quite a few times to create various looks, but I finally got around to actually taking some pictures of the process! The ring is one of the cutest nail art tools I have ever seen! They're super easy to use and makes clean-up so much faster. Prior to getting this palette, I would regularly use yellow sticky notes, tiny pieces of wax paper or tin foil to mix my paints/polishes. Though such materials were easy to find, they were messy as I would always mistakenly place my brushes on them by accident and make a mess of my tools. With this ring on my hands at all times, there is little to no chance of me leaving my nail tools around and having them roll into the palette. This palette is also reusable and reduces the amount of paper and foil waste I produce each time I do my nails.
To use this cute nail palette, simply dab a small amount of polish or paint in one of the tiny wells and use as you would any other palette. The medium used may dry up a quickly due to the shallowness of the well, but water, nail polish thinner or acetone may be mixed in to get it to return to a workable consistency. The palette ring does come with a tiny cup that you can use to hold the thinning liquids but I did not find it very helpful since tilting my fingers around to draw the designs would prompt it to spill out. However, you can choose to use the cup to hold a larger amount of acrylic paint, such as black paint when outlining. Once done with the palette, simple wipe off the polish with some nail polish remover or the acrylic paint with water. It's as easy as that! I'd honestly give this cute ring a 5/5 because it makes my life so much easier and is way more environmentally friendly than using tin foil or paper! Not only is this ring super cute, but it is also practical.

Now, without further ado, here are my tips and tricks and a pictorial on how to create these super fun nails...

  • Start off with a white base colour to make your fruits stand out! I used NYC's "French White Tip".
  • To paint the watermelons: draw little equilateral triangles (they don't have to be perfect or exact) using a bold red-pink color (NYC's "MoMa"). Draw on the rind of the melon using a green polish (Ciate's "Ditch the Heels") and follow up by dotting some super small seeds using your thinnest dotting tool and black acrylic paint or nail polish.
  • To paint the pears: draw a pear shape (small circle on the top and larger circle at the bottom, kind of like the number 8) using a light green polish (Essie's "Vices Versa"). Create a tiny stem coming from the smaller end of the pear using black polish/paint and add some tiny dots at the fatter end to make the pears look more realistic.
  • To paint the strawberries: draw tiny triangles with rounded corners using a dark pink polish (Crabtree&Evelyn's "Raspberry/Fuschia"). Add the leaves of the strawberry by first painting a curved line around the top and then extending the little pointy leaves outwards using a dark green polish (Ciate's "Ditch the Heels"), and making some small seeds using a very thin paint brush/dotting tool and some light yellow acrylic paint. You can find a more detailed pictorial on how to paint strawberries here.
  • To paint the pineapples: start off with creating a tiny oval using yellow polish (NYC's "Midtown Mimosa"). Add the leaves of the polish using a thin paintbrush and some green polish; I mixed Ciate's "Ditch the Heels" and Essie's "Vices Versa" to create the shade of green that I wanted. Finish off your little pineapples by adding a criss-cross pattern to them using a thin brush and some black or brown acrylic paint/polish.
  • To paint the apples (sorry about the missing pictorial for this one): paint little ovals that are slightly fatter at one end using a bold red polish (Essie's "Lacquered Up"), add a tiny stem to it on the fatter end of the oval using a thin brush and black polish/paint.
  • Finish off the design with a top coat to flatten/smooth out the design
....And that's it, it's actually very simple! You can mix and match these fruits however you want and even just use one of these as an accent nail. I chose to alternate my more reddish fruits and the green ones to balance out the colours, but you can wear these however you want! Have fun, and until next time!

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