Sunday 24 July 2016

Quick NOTW: Sunglass Nails on my Cinderella Hand

Hello friends! This is just a quick NOTW update as I will be uploading another one very shortly. I actually did two different designs this week, and I am wearing very different designs on my two hands. The contrast in the designs and the quality of the art on my hands makes me feel very strange since I've always had very similar art on both hands.
I can't say I feel great about the finished product on my cinderella hand today, but after a shift at work and completing a more detailed design on my left hand, I got lazy and sort of just winged it. I do still really like this design, but the way and the techniques that were used to execute it could've probably been done a lot better. This makes for a very cute summer nail design and I'll definitely be looking forward to doing this design again!

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