Monday 30 May 2016

Quick NOTD

Hello everybody! It's been a while (yet again). I've been quite busy since school ended and have found myself a job working at a restaurant. It's such an interesting experience, but it does ruin my manicures very quickly and makes my nails much more prone to breaking... ah. 
This month I went on sort of a nail polish buying streak. Since I have over 100 bottles in my collection already, I tried to limit myself from buying more. Transporting my polishes between home and university has become more difficult as my collection grows. Although I'd love to have an even larger collection, it's just not very practical at the moment. Anyhoo, I went to a cosmetic/perfume warehouse sale earlier in the month and I managed to pick up 3 bottles of Essie polish (for $3 CND each) along with a bottle of OPI polish for $4... WHAT AN AMAZING DEAL. I picked up two more bottles while I was exploring downtown toronto the other day and all the colours are simply gorgeous! Although I have no regrets buying all the polishes, I'm having a bit of trouble fitting all of mine into the storage bin in a way that allows me to see all the colours well. I will probably need to look into finding another way of storing my polishes.
This manicure was done using one of my new Essie polishes, it's a colour named "Sittin' Pretty" and is a very gorgeous pastel purple that is more on the pink side of the spectrum. The design atop the colour was a spur-of-the-moment random design done with white acrylic paint. It's a very simple, design that sort of mimics a french manicure and it wears very nicely on the hands.

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