Thursday 14 April 2016

Quick NOTW Update: Matte Vintage Roses

Hello everybody. I feel extremely ashamed right now as I've been neglecting to post on both my blog and my instagram in the past month. I apologize for the lack of  updates and also in advance for another period of inactivity that is likely to happen due to my upcoming final exams. The thing is, I have been doing my nails almost every week, but I end up forgetting to take process pictures and final product pictures until my nails end up chipping... ahh Shirley, you need to keep it together! I do a have a few picture of new designs that I did, but I guess I'll keep those in queue for later.
Why does it seem like every time I come back after a period of inactivity, it's with a rose-inspired design? 
Anyways, after a couple of snowstorms within the past couple of weeks, it's finally beginning to feel like spring here in Ottawa; and I thought, what better way to welcome spring than with pretty roses? I started out with the intent to do a pastel spring design but ended up using an extremely bold red. This design ended up looking better than I was expecting it to be and the pastel background with the faint white gridlines complimented the bold look of the roses very nicely. With this design, I decided to do something quite different that I have not done in a long time and went with a matte look instead of a shiny one. The matte top-coat really pulled the design together as it almost makes the roses look kind of velvety in real life (if only my camera was able capture it, sigh). 

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