Friday 14 August 2015

Navy and Magenta Floral Nails (with Pictorial)

Hello to you all! Here is official debut for my new nail shape! I have not have almond shaped nails in a really long time; mostly due to the fact that I have injured myself several times while my nails were sharp. I once jabbed myself near the nostril whilst washing my face once and it would not stop bleeding. But I've had these nails for a couple of days and nothing bad has happened thus far, so I've got my fingers crossed (carefully of course). 

I actually had a whole load of other nail art prepped and ready to share, but I wanted to get in on the Weekly Nail Art Challenge 2015 hosted under the hashtag #WNAC2015 on instagram. The theme for this week was magenta and purple so here is my entry. These florals were actually inspired by a print pattern I saw on the internet, but unfortunately I didn't save the picture. It was actually a lot of fun to stray away from my usual rose-floral nails (not that I have any ideas of what flowers these are). This is a relatively easy design to create, but the finished product looks way more intricate than it is.
Keep reading to find some tips and tricks on how to create you very own version of this nail design:

  • Start off by painting your accent nails a solid shade of white (I used NYC French White Tip)
  • Use a thin brush and a navy blue polish (Tivoli Color Shock NP021) to paint small clusters of leaves
  • Mix your magenta (NYC MoMa) polish with some white polish and paint the base shape for the flowers
  • Finish off the flowers using just your magenta polish, by carefully outlining the shape of the petals, being careful not to cover all of the light pink shaded areas
  • Paint the rest of your nails solid colours of navy or magenta, and feel free to add some accents (I added some white dots) to make your nails stand out
These nails are really quite simple to do, but the finished product looks like you put a lot of hard work into it!


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