Friday 5 June 2015

Daisy Patch

Hello everyone!
I was walking to Walmart last week in search of some icecream and I walked by a very lovely patch of daisies (pictured below).
Aren't they just the cutest? So I got back home, sat down on my desk and started working on my nails right away. It just goes to show that inspiration can come at anytime. It was also a lot of fun to stray away from the usual roses that I always do. Daisies are just so cute and fun and they're so fun and summer-y.
I've also noticed that I've been in a purple phase with my polishes lately... Every time that I come up with an idea, I reach for my purple polishes first. I wonder how long this phase will last?
But without further are my tips and tricks on how to create your very own daisy patch inspired manicure:
  • Paint your nails with a solid base colour... Here I used Simply Sweet #3 (from their Vintage Glam Collection)
  • Take a thin brush and outline in black (I used acrylic paint) where your daisies are going to be
  • to draw the daisies, I drew a circle for the centre and surrounded it with long petals, trying to make it as symmetric as possible
  • After finishing with the black outline, I went in and filled in the flower with white acryllic paint for the petals and yellow for the centre
  • To finish off my design, I followed up with a fast drying topcoat

 The petals don't all have to be uniform
a close up look at my Cinderella hand (my right hand)

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  1. very beautiful, I love floral nail art :)


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