Friday 29 May 2015

Glittery Purple Ombre

Hello world! I am back to share with you a very purple and very glittery manicure. This is one of the most simple looks I've done but it is exceptionally eye-catching and pretty. 
I have to admit, I was relatively uninspired before creating this manicure... I just could not settle one a design that I would want to do. So lo and behold, I went with the simple idea of just combining 2 colours that I really liked.

The technique of ombre-ing nail polish was not a something that I fancied doing until very recently, as a matter of fact. I always found it to be too messy and that my blending was always chunky. But it's one of those things where if you continue to practice, you will eventually master it (not that I'm claiming to be the master of ombre. of anything like that...). It is quite a confusing and difficult technique to comprehend at first, but once you get the hang of it, it'll be your go-to design.
Without further are some time and tricks on how you can create your own sparkly ombre manicure:
  • Start off with a base colour of white or something very similar, here, I used Sally Hansen's Sheer Ecstasy (which is a very light and sheer pink)
  • To ombre, take a wedge-shaped makeup sponge and apply your two colours on the sponge, then apply the sponge to your may need to do this several times
  • After you reached your desired colour intensity, you make finish off you design with a top coat, or add a layer of glitter polish to make it extra eye-catching

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