Wednesday, 9 November 2016

"This is fine." - Meme Inspired Nails (Quick NOTW Post)

Hello Friends! As you all have probably heard, Donald Trump just won the vote and he is to become the next president of the United States of America. The whole world is in sort of a panic right now, so I decided to post my reaction to the event. Although I'm not too familiar with politics, I do feel quite uneasy about Trump coming into power; I mean, Canada and the US are neighbours after all. Upon hearing the news, this was the one picture that came to mind. This comic has actually become one of my favourite reaction images recently. The way the puppy remains calm and attempts to drink his tea despite all the havoc around him is just so relatable for some reason. Perhaps it's because of how optimistic he remains throughout. Little puppy, teach me your ways.

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