Friday, 17 June 2016

Sunset Walk on the Beach (For WNAC 2016)

Hello friends! It's been such a lovely week down here in the GTA though it is pretty hot today. My nails this week follow the third prompt for WNAC2016, which is "palm trees".  This is super strange, but I can honestly say that I am jealous of my nails. I could really go for a long walk on a beach right now! I just started training for my second job today (which I am super excited about), but I am just so tired. Growing up is hard, I'm barely an adult but I'm already reminiscing the summers where I'd spend my days just chillin' out and drawing all day. Those were the good days, ah. 
This week, I decided to film yet another design tutorial.  I've also been working with various video editing software to test out which one works best for me (and my computer). Normally, I'd use Sony Vegas, but the video playback lags so much that i's difficult to preform even the simplest of tasks like trimming a clip! Now, this may be a sign that I need a computer upgrade, but since I mostly use my computer for school work, I don't really need an upgrade just yet; unless I do decide that I'm serious about making these videos. 
Anyway, I'll be working on the video for the next week and will try to have it up before next week;, depending on my work schedule ( & how tired my jobs will make me). Until next time, goodbye friends and happy polishing!

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