Saturday 28 December 2013

My Christmas Nails!

Although Christmas is over already, I thought that it'd be nice to share with you my Christmas mani. Well, I actually still have these on at this very moment, but will be changing them soon to something else for new years. These nails are super fun, and super festive and pretty easy to complete.
Here are my tips for your own candy cane nails:

  • I used a size 10/0 brush to create the stripes
  • on my ring fingers and thumbs I have alternating thick and thin stripes
  • start out with a white base colour 
  • this manicure will suit any nail shape!
  • when creating the stripes, rotate your finger, and not the brush (it will help to ensure straighter lines)
  • if mistakes are made, just go back and fix them with a little bit of acrylic paint or more nail polish using a thin brush
  • finish off with an extra glossy top coat (or layer your top coat) to create the candy-like effect 

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